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Communications “ain’t” what it used to be

Once upon a time, not that long ago, communications meant throwing a rock at your neighbor to get his attention (being careful not to hit him) and then “hollering” across the pasture, times have changed.  Today communications move around the globe at the speed of light conveying information, documents, pictures, video, starting up FAX machines, setting off printers, and chats with Grandma.  Communications is the conveyance of information, information that drives business and education and impacts everyone's daily life in a myriad of ways, noticed and unnoticed.  Also not that long ago computers were the size of buildings, now they are smaller than your fingernail and have become the backbone of communications networks.  JackTel’s business is making sure information gets where it is supposed to be either to you or from you and someone else where it can be used.  Our specialty is information communications whether it be computers and their networks, telephone systems, or converged computer-telephony solutions, we can provide your organization with the expertise and products you need to keep your information flowing, even when it includes a chat with Grandma.

Expertise you need 

JackTel can provide your organization with the expertise and resources you need to design, manage, and staff all phases of your network project from beginning to end then manage the daily operations as well as handle your additions and upgrades.  Our motto is, “Any Problem, Anywhere, Anytime”, and we are ready to assist you within a matter of minutes to get  your system or network back online as soon as possible when it’s down or design and build you a network that does what you need it to do when you need it to do it. 

As design and test engineering professional’s we have not only seen every conceivable kind of problem we have probably created them, provided a “fix” to the developers and taught them how to avoid such problems in the future.  When a problem arises that we haven’t seen we know what steps to take to identify, isolate, and resolve the problem as quickly as possible which translates to minimum downtime and less cost to you.   

As telecom professional's we don’t quit at 5 o’clock when your critical systems are down.  We will work until you are back up and running when needed and we understand reliability that means your network is 100% functional 100% of the time.  This kind of hardcore experience coupled with our dedication to serving our customers means you’ll be back on-line that much sooner and for less cost than you might think.




We sell computer and network equipment but that is not our main business, our focus is service and many times that service includes equipment.  We focus on service because even the best equipment is useless if it does not do what you need it to do and if your budget is limited we can show you how to get the absolute maximum benefit from the resources you have to work with.  Having said that, we do however carry the finest computer and networking products on the market today and we are dedicated to providing the best prices as well so your IT budget can go as far as it possibly can.

 We will make sure you get the right product to do the job that you need done, from individual components to complete turn-key custom solutions.  When you call us we will discuss with you what you need your systems to do for you, engineer a solution that fits your budget, and make sure it is properly installed, configured correctly, fully functional, and that your personnel are fully trained in its use and maintenance not just now but in the future with our support services. 

If you’re trying to make your IT budget go as far as it possibly can you owe it to yourself and your organization to let us review your needs before making a purchasing decision to make sure you are getting what you pay for.  If you have an equipment need let us quote you a price, if you already have a quote let us know what it is and we will make every effort to beat it. 

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