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JackTel, Inc. incorporated in 2000 as a consulting company with its main focus being network deployment, verification, and reliability testing for the telecommunications industry.  Since that time the company has expanded its services to include WAN and LAN technology, computer network services and business communications. 

Our specialty is computer and network services encompassing computer network design installation and repair, computer repair, network security and management, and telecom network design, installation, integration, and testing for a wide range of customers including commercial, government, education, and home users. 


President and founder:  Jackie S. McCracken 

Mr. McCracken is a telecom engineering professional with 24 years experience in network systems design, deployment, integration, and troubleshooting.  He has been at the forefront of the computer and digital telecommunications revolution and participated in the installation and turn-up of the first computer controlled all digital telephone central office and remote switch in America. 

Mr. McCracken's experience spans all levels including design, test planning, troubleshooting, and deployment of systems and networks domestically and internationally.  As a principal project leader and engineer he has adhered to the principals and concepts of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) before it had a corporate name in order to continuously improve the quality process.  His proven ability to adapt and improvise as needed to lead a project from start to finish or assume the leadership role and complete it on time and under budget has earned him accolades on every project he has been involved in. 

Mr. McCracken’s major accomplishments include:

• Senior software project test engineer on the first implementation of SS7 signaling system in the DSC, Inc. product line
• Senior software project test engineer on the first implementation of the Class Calling Features and ISDN service in the Ericsson AXE
...switching system for the U.S. market
• Network Verification Test lead project engineer for the MCI-Avantel long distance network in Mexico
• Test engineering project lead for the gateway subsystem on the Motorola-Satcom Iridium satellite based cellular phone system
• Network Verification Test lead project engineer for the British Telecom-Telefort long distance network in the Netherlands
• Senior project engineer for the deployment of the Qwest Communications, Inc. nationwide Voice over IP network

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