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Do you depend on your network?

If your organization depends on its information systems in order to function you can’t afford to have your network down for even one minute. In order to meet the expectations of your customers whether they be internal or external you need a network that is a well planned design that takes into consideration all of your needs not just now but in the future. This is a must if you want your network to be efficient, secure, and fault tolerant as well as easily managed expanded and upgraded.

This complete systems integration philosophy from design to execution to management and support is the cornerstone of a secure robust network and at JackTel it is not just our philosophy but our mission and guiding principal. Integrated information systems are our business but it’s not all we do, our motto is “Any Problem, Anywhere, Anytime”, if you have a problem we can engineer a solution that will fit your needs and your budget.



Is your organization as efficient as it could be?

If you are still doing business on paper we have solutions that will allow you to increase productivity while protecting your proprietary information better than you ever thought possible. If you already have a paperless business you need to be sure you are protected from inside and outside threats as well as acts of nature which can put you out of business for not just hours but days.

We can show you how to get the most out of your existing network and computing resources while saving you money and increasing productivity at the same time. We can make this claim because we know that a properly designed network and properly trained personnel are more productive and get dramatically more work accomplished in significantly less time which translates to increased usability and profits for your organization.



Business “ain’t” what it used to be

We know and understand that computers and the internet are not toy’s but tools.  When your tools don’t work your organization can’t work.  At JackTel our specialty is helping our customers meet the expectations of their customers which means making sure your computers and network meet the needs of your organization.  In other words we make sure your tools work and that they do what you need them too, 100% of the time.

If you depend on your network and computers in order for your organization to function and it is not doing the job you need it is a crisis because you are either out of business or severely impaired.  No matter how you look at it a broken or improperly functioning network is probably costing you time and money not to mention frustration and anxiety.

If you have a problem whether it’s a network issue or even a dead computer we can fix it, if your systems don’t do what you need them to we can engineer a solution that will make your organization more efficient in its use of technology.

Our engineering teams are highly skilled professionals with many years experience in the computer and network services business and we know how to leverage that expertise to your advantage and provide a solution that meets your needs whether it is getting you back online or designing a new network from the ground up.





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